Super Spline Studios has become the first Leamington Spa studio with a four day work week

Super Spline Studios has introduced a four day work week, making waves as the animation studio becomes the first games industry business in Leamington Spa to implement the working policy.

The change will be permanent, without a reduction in pay or an increase in hours for its staff. Super Spline Studios has described the move in a statement released to the press as being in line with being a goal to be a ‘people first’ studio. 

In-office studies have shown that a four day work week largely does not cause a loss in productivity, and in some cases has even improved it. This is alongside the obvious work-life-balance improvements and morale boosts that such a change can provide to staff. 

“Our goal has always been to be a place where you can have a full career. We offer fully remote positions (or an office if people want that), we’ve never crunched or done overtime, we develop and promote internally and we do annual profit share, four day weeks is the logical next step.” said Aron Durkin, co-founder of Super Spline Studios. “The games industry can be better, and we’re enacting the change we want to see.”

“Combining the four day work week with our devotion to training our staff, via personal development time and training subsidies, results in a highly skilled and motivated team that not only produces top quality work but also enjoys a better work-life balance.” said director Eoin Loughrey.

“We’re still one of the only studios operating in this space with a strict, public, zero-tolerance policy on overtime or crunch.” said James Childs, co-founder Super Spline Studios. “We won’t be fearful of the future, we will welcome it rather than play catch-up later. This change will further our commitment to being one of the best studios there is for an animator.”

Super Spline Studios has several worked with well known game developers and publishers, including the likes of SEGA, Jagex, Epic Games, Frontier and Electric Square since it was founded back in 2016.

They’re currently hiring experienced animators, so if you’re one of those and you’re looking for work in the video games industry, you may want to check out the relevant job positions on their website.

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