Gosia Sobieszek from TikTok on sponsoring this year’s MCV/DEVELOP Women in Games 2023 Awards

TikTok is one of the biggest social media apps, hosting one of the largest online communities in the world. They’re also sponsoring this year’s MCV/DEVELOP Women in Games 2023 Awards. We’ve talked to Gosia Sobieszek, the global gaming partner manager at TikTok, to ask her about both the upcoming awards show and whether the games industry is heading in the right direction.

What is the appeal of sponsoring the Women in Games Awards this year?

TikTok is a place that supports and celebrates the vibrant contributions that women continue to make within the gaming industry. As a sponsor of this year’s Women in Game Awards, we’re proud to recognize and uplift the accomplishments of women who are driving impact in gaming and helping to foster greater inclusion within the industry at large.

How important is that your organisation supports the efforts of women working in the games industry?

As a home for unique and diverse communities, TikTok is a place where gaming and its gamers belong, including our passionate community of women gamers. We’ve seen huge growth in TikTok hashtags like  #WomenInGaming, which spotlights talent from all-star developers to casual gamers, currently standing at over 730 million views. We strongly feel that gender equity in gaming is crucial to changing perceptions and progressing equality in the industry and beyond.

Do you feel that the wider industry is heading in the right direction in its support for women working in games?

According to the Ukie UK Games Industry Census, there has been steady growth in the number of women working in gaming, which is a positive signal that the industry is becoming more inclusive. Like many industries, the contributions of women have been largely overlooked in gaming and awards like the Women in Games Awards help to continue bridging the gap for representation while celebrating how women continue to evolve the industry.

Although there is still a lot of work to be done, TikTok is proud to be creating space for our community of women gamers to feel seen and celebrated for their creativity, which will hopefully inspire others and continue to grow our vibrant community of #WomenInGaming.

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