988 May 2023

The April and May issue of MCV/DEVELOP is online now! Inside: Inkle’s Jon Ingold, Game Republic, Before Your Eyes and more!

MCV/DEVELOP Issue #988 is arriving with our readers this week! That means we’ve also added it to our online archive, so that you can now read the entire digital edition for free.

If you’re interested in narrative design, print media and unique fiction from the games industry, then we reckon you’ll be particularly interested in our latest pages.

Editor Richie Shoemaker has sat down with Inkle’s Jon Ingold to discuss replayability in video games, and what developers can be doing to encourage the relationship between player and software to be more like a reader and a good book. 

He’s also talked to veteran magazine maestro Dean Mortlock about the all-new magazine Debug, and what we can and should expect from not only that magazine but from print games media going forward. 

After that, our fearless leader also met with Jamie Sefton from Game Republic, to check in on the state of its constitution 20 years in, and spoke to Laura Kate Dale and Jane Aerith Magnet on Who Hunts The Whale, a sort-of-satirical-but-also-pretty-realistic piece of fiction that holds up a mirror to the world of game development. 

While Richie was up to all of that, Vince Pavey talked to Simran Whitham from FORMAT.gg about how Manchester’s big games industry night out got started, and where it’s going next.

He’s also brought you another When We Made feature. This time around, he looks back on tear-jerker Before Your Eyes with Oliver Lewin, game director for GoodbyeWorld Games. 

Elsewhere in the magazine, Kristen Dunne from Cloudinary informs readers on the first viral ad campaign in World of Warcraft, and why its successes were more timing and planning than some sort of ancient eldritch magic.

Amiqus’ Liz Prince also returns for another Debugging D&I. This time she speaks to Giorgia Molinari from Autistica about World Autism Month, and what studios can be doing to support neurodivergent individuals. 

As usual, we’ve also included our regular pages on hires and moves, other spotlights on industry all-stars at all levels, and helpful advice from The Final Boss, who this month is Caroline Marchal, CEO and creative director at innovative interactive story-game studio INTERIOR/NIGHT.

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About Vince Pavey

Vince is a writer from the North-East of England who has worked on comics for The Beano and Doctor Who. He likes to play video games and eat good food. Sometimes he does both at the same time, but he probably shouldn’t.

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