A blockchain-utilising game store called Ultra Games will launch on PC soon

A new digital game store called Ultra Games will launch on PC later this month.

The team behind Ultra Games has said it intends to “challenge the status quo in game distribution”, by using blockchain technology to allow users to resell games from their digital library with permission from the developers, and that that is what will set it apart from other stores in the PC space. That won’t be the case for every game, though, and developers and publishers will have to opt-in.

The firm also claims it offers a fairer revenue split to developers, and that it will also provide incentive programs to encourage players using the store to recommend games to each other, but has not provided any further details (or numbers) to us about what that looks like at this time.

The Ultra Games store will open to customers on April 25, 2023 at 17:00 (BST).

Currently, the curated storefront includes games by Nacon, Plug In Digital, Skybound, Microids, Graffiti Games and Fulqrum, so some well-known games companies are already involved. 

“The PC gaming distribution market is running out of steam and ripe for disruption. Yes, the leading legacy platforms have been incredibly successful to date, but we believe there’s much room for improvement for gamers, devs and pubs,” said Nicolas Gilot, co-CEO of Ultra.

“We explicitly engineered Ultra Games to address critical issues such as high fees for developers and lack of real, flexible game ownership for players. This is still only the beginning for us but, by addressing these issues, we want to help create more meaningful, more transparent relationships between communities. I can’t wait to see this vision start to come to fruition after five years of development and listening to the needs of developers and players.”

“We are delighted to be a part of the Ultra Games launch, offering our cherished titles to an enthusiastic gaming community,” added Yves Bléhaut, SVP of strategic partnerships at Microids.

“The Ultra Games store provides a distinctive opportunity for fans to explore and experience our games, and we can’t wait to witness what the future holds in partnership with Ultra.”

If you’d like to download the Ultra Games store, you can go do that over on their website.

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