Charlotte Pook on Electric Square sponsoring this year’s MCV/DEVELOP Women in Games 2023 Awards

AAA action game developer Electric Square works on some of the biggest games around. They’re also a sponsor for the MCV/DEVELOP Women in Games 2023 Awards, and we’ve had the chance to speak with their talent acquisition manager Charlotte Pook about both the awards show and what else the industry can be doing to support women. 

What is the appeal of sponsoring the Women in Games Awards this year?

At Electric Square, we celebrate and thrive on having a wonderfully diverse team – we really couldn’t pass up the opportunity to support our colleagues, peers, and friends in celebrating some of the industry’s most influential people’s achievements over the past year!  

How important is it that your organisation supports the efforts of women working in the games industry?

As a forward-thinking studio, we are constantly educating ourselves to be the best allies we can possibly be for women in the industry. Only 28% of Women and 2% of non-binary workers have careers in the games industry, which is significantly lower than the national average of those in work. We know that having a diverse team helps to provide a better workplace culture, innovation for project contributions and a progressive company outlook.

Do you feel that the wider industry is heading in the right direction in its support for women working in games?

Many studios have the amazing intentions; however, more than intentions are needed to make a meaningful change. It is the responsibility of all studios, industry-wide, to do their bit to educate and support underrepresented genders organically from a young age. Change is happening, but we must be patient and understand this mission will take time. 

To be a preferred employer for all people from marginalised groups, we must constantly evolve, educate, and listen to how we can do better.

What other things can the industry do to support women in games?

Ensure the utmost safety for women in all game studios. Having a whistleblowing platform and a clear process for raising a concern is integral for women and all staff to know a studio cares about them and their safety. More research into the gender pay gap and looking at better perks and benefits which support women in the workplace.

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