Power Up is becoming a permanent fixture at South Kensington’s Science Museum

Power Up will be returning to the Science Museum in South Kensington this summer on a permanent basis. 

Its 14 exhibit areas will let visitors go hands-on with a huge variety of video games across over 160 consoles, which go as far back as the Atari 2600, allowing them to take in the history of the medium and just how far it has come in the last five decades. 

Each of the unique areas will also include accompanying information on the science behind gaming, to ensure each visitor also has a learning experience alongside their gaming fun. There will also be a timeline of key consoles and games, exploring the evolution of game design and digital storytelling.

Power Up will also put the spotlight on the future of the industry, with BAFTA Young Game Designers award-winning games on show in their own dedicated section. This area will be updated with the latest games from children and young people each year. 

“We are incredibly excited to bring back Power Up, one of our most popular experiences, and to give it a permanent home at the Science Museum,” said Mark Cutmore, head of commercial experiences at the Science Museum Group. “Video games transcend age and skill level, so we have something on offer for everyone, from intergenerational classics to the latest releases by up-and-coming developers. Power Up is an opportunity to explore the history of gaming first-hand: its permanent return at the Science Museum will showcase the UK’s thriving games industry and help inspire future games makers.”

Power Up will open to the public at the Science Museum on July 27, 2023 thanks to support from OMEN and HyperX, and tickets are on sale now. At the time of writing, you can get a day pass for £10, or an annual pass for £15.

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