The Amazon University Esports Masters grand finals will be held in the United Kingdom next month

The Amazon University Esports Masters (AUEM) grand finals will be held in the UK for the first time ever next month.

The finals will take place on July 8, 2023 at the Confetti X esports complex in Nottingham.

Over 10,000 players from over 1,000 universities around the world have taken part in competitions this academic year to qualify for the final stage of the competition. This year’s season has also been more diverse in terms of player talent than ever before, and is the first to include competing teams from the Middle East and Africa.

In the previous seven years of tournaments the competition has only had players face off in the MOBA League of Legends, but this year will also crown champions in both VALORANT and Rocket League. 

The grand finals will be broadcast live internationally on the competition’s official Twitch channel in English, hosted by Stanley ‘Greyhart’ Barker. Game commentary and insight at the event will be provided by well-known esports pundits Maxwell ‘BlackBloxer’ Calvert, Jack ‘Middlecott’ Davies, Kieran ‘Kairo’ Tulloch, Harry ‘Hazza’ Chapman and Harry ‘Docda’ Evans. 

The Amazon University Esports Masters finals will also be broadcast on partner channels in other languages, where the hosts and commentators may differ.

If you’d like to go watch the AUEM grand finals in person, you can grab a ticket for free over on Eventbrite.

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