Journey Escape producer Bob Rice has passed away

Bob Rice has passed away at the age of 79. 

The producer and music agent first joined the games industry in 1982, and worked with Data Age on the rock ‘n’ roll video game ‘Journey Escape’ for the Atari 2600, which featured the popular prog rock band Journey

Eventually, Rice would go on to become founder and CEO of Four Bars Intertainment, a company that represented composers of music for video games. His list of clients over the years has included big names like Inon Zur (Fallout), Tom Salta (Ghost Recon), Steve Ouimette (Guitar Hero), Cris Velasco (God of War), Sascha Dikiciyan (Borderlands), Jack Wall (Mass Effect) and more.

Rice was a champion of video game music both creatively and commercially throughout his career, and was well-known for delivering high quality music on time and within budget to his clients. He retired in 2013, and sold Four Bars Intertainment to the COOL Music Group.

“Today I lost a great friend and mentor, and the world of music for media lost a remarkable giant. Bob Rice was a courageous visionary in the video games world and relentless power in the music industry who had the deepest understanding of what it means to be a composer, and what it takes to be a real human being. Bob never stopped hustling, and never gave up hope. His life lessons were always priceless, and his teaching elevated whomever was open and ready to learn. It was enough just to hear his deep voice and you knew there was a real power behind you,” said composer Inon Zur. 

“Every conversation we had during these 25 years of friendship  and partnership always turned into a mentoring session. And I was always thirsty to hear more, to learn more, to be worthy of  his belief in me. The heartaches and the soul are crushed, but I DO know that his being will live with us forever. His legacy will never be forgotten. His huge belief and contribution to music for games was what built our current world. Bob was and always will be the very essence of music for games. He envisioned this world and made it real. We will always be in his debt. I love you my friend, may you rest in peace.” 

“Bob was and always will be an absolute legend, a genius, a pioneer, a mentor, a master story-teller like no other and best of all,  a great friend who was always thoughtful, sincere, brave, passionate, creative, charming and compassionate,” said Tommy Tallarico, composer, founder of the Game Audio Network Guild and creator of Video Games Live. 

“There has never  been anyone like him, and he made a deep impression on those lucky enough to meet and know him. We love you Bob. You will live on and always be in our hearts, minds and souls forever.” 

Bob Rice is survived by his daughter, Lisa Rice.

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