Make-A-Wish UK has recruited a new gaming advisor group

Make-A-Wish UK has announced its new gaming advisor group.

The advisor group will be made up of industry experts from around the world of video games, and to start with will be comprised of Rob Small (Miniclip), Alex Dale (Snowpoint Studios), Nick Rooke (Sony) and Philip Morris (Tencent). They’ll put their business and industry brain power together and leverage their connections to support the Make-A-Wish mission to grant as many wishes for critically ill children as is possible. 

This includes a return of the summer Wish 200 Week event, which Small and his company Miniclip already helped the charity to get underway in 2022, alongside other industry partners.

“It has been a joy to see the gaming community coming together to help grant wishes for fellow gamers. Seeing the support that Make-A-Wish has received, I am proud to be part of an industry that is using its power to help others,” said Small. 

“Wish 200 Week, the annual gaming campaign from Make-A-Wish, will be returning this summer to ensure more children receive their wishes in time. I know the charity is facing a huge challenge within the current climate so I hope the industry will help them rise to this challenge and change the lives of seriously ill children.” 

“I’m passionate about the good that games can do in the world and the positive impact gaming can have for so many people. I’m excited to be part of the Make-A-Wish team bringing the power of gaming to critically ill children through incredible gaming wishes, providing them with a community, distraction from treatment and the opportunity to have fun,” added Morris. “I hope the gaming community and industry leaders will continue to help us grant wishes to fellow gamers.” 

“Play can provide escapism and joy to children who are most in need of our support, whilst at the same time bring them together,” said Rooke. “I know first-hand how having a very ill child can impact the whole family and I am very happy to be helping the Make-A-Wish team enable the wishes of these children to come true through gaming.” 

“Games can provide joy, delight and a real sense of community for children who are in most need of support,” added Dale. “I am very happy to be joining the Make-A-Wish team to help make these children’s wishes come true.” 

Make-A-Wish has seen gaming-related wishes quadruple since 2017. Over 63,000 children in the UK are eligible for a wish after being diagnosed with something critical. It is believed that by 2030, the figure will be over 73,000 and the charity now worries that without support they may be unable to help every child that comes to them for support.

“For children and young people living with a critical condition the world can feel like a very dark place,” said Stephanie Witt, director of income and engagement for Make-A-Wish UK. 

“A growing number of our wishes are gaming focused which we know have a hugely positive impact at a time when children need it the most by allowing them to escape the everyday realities of their condition, bringing entertainment, connection and achievement into their lives. Having such exceptional leaders support us to make more gaming wishes become a reality is fantastic news.”

If you’d like to learn more about Make-A-Wish UK, you can do that over on their website.

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