The State of the Art at d3t: Louise Andrew on the growth of art services at d3t and Coconut Lizard

Established in 2011 to “design, develop and deliver technology”, Cheshire’s d3t has become an important co-developer within the Keywords group since being acquired six years ago. Richie Shoemaker spoke to Louise Andrew, the head of art at d3t and Coconut Lizard, about the growth of art services within the closely-aligned - and award-winning - studios

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Growing The Bonsai: Hollie Emery and Benni Hill on carefully cultivating change as Bonsai Collective works on Luna Abyss

Vince Pavey spoke with Hollie Emery and Benni Hill from Bonsai Collective, to find out how the studio behind Luna Abyss is encouraging not just its own growth, but is carefully cultivating change in the wider industry as well

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