Rebecca Sampson from Hangar 13 on sponsoring the MCV/DEVELOP Women in Games 2023 Awards show

Hangar 13 are sponsors for this year's MCV/DEVELOP Women in Games 2023 Awards, and we've taken the chance to chat to them about both their involvement with the awards and how the industry is doing at supporting the women within it.

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The dollars and sense of prioritizing child safety online (or, how to not be fined half a billion dollars)

The majority of the costs relate to COPPA violations by Epic; and reveal an evolution to the way the FTC views COPPA protections and child safety issues, which every online platform should be taking notice of

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What independent means to Private Division: Michael Worosz and Blake Rochkind on five years of Private Division and what’s next

Private Division’s Michael Worosz and Blake Rochkind sat down with Vince Pavey to tell him all about Take-Two’s independent - but not indie - developer label

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