Rising Star – Hui Yun Tay, transfer and asset coordinator at Liquid Violet

Hui Yun Tay, transfer and asset coordinator at Liquid Violet, tells us about being persistent and passionate in a job where communication is super important.

How did you break into games?

Breaking into an industry is never easy but researching and being in the circle is important. I started off signing up to Limit Break and that helped a lot, especially having a mentor guiding me on how to improve my sound design skills. Most people are really nice and willing to give feedback. Twitter is a great platform for that. As well as ReelTalk by PowerUpAudio gave a good insight on what recruiters are looking out for in an application. But sometimes everyone just needs a little bit of luck to break into the industry.

What has been your proudest achievement so far?

Moving to another country isn’t easy for anyone especially when home is 6,810 miles away. But being persistent and always trying to pursue what I am passionate about is a marathon itself. I am really proud that I never gave up on the career path I wanted and am happy that I am able to contribute to TV, films and games I grew up with!

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

My biggest challenge has been being apart from my family. Especially with covid, this has separated a lot of us with our loved ones. Even though I am pursuing a career I really enjoy, being apart is always difficult. But all of us learn to compromise. This has led them to be supportive of what I want to do and more quality time spent whenever I go home!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the collaboration that takes place between the recording and editorial departments. Especially when everyone is able to put different creative aspects into it.

What’s your biggest ambition in games?

Being a person who encourages more diversity in the industry and someone that is able to educate new people coming in. Working in games is not a typical “career path” but I want to break the social norms in Asian culture that encourages more people to be brave and work towards what they are passionate about!

What advice would you give to an aspiring transfer and asset coordinator?

Being quick on your feet is important but being communicative is most of the job. Since you would be accepting assets and relaying to different people, making sure everyone is on the same page is the most crucial. Also being adaptable and willing to learn, everyone always needs a team player!

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